Get Back on Track With Your New Year’s Resolution With These Podcasts

January 26, 2018

You may already enjoy listening to podcasts in the car or at the gym, but did you know that podcasts can also help you to stick to your New Year's resolutions? These are a number of inspiring, motivational podcasts that will help you to meet your goals for 2018, whether that's to get fit, organize your finances or even travel more.

  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations. If you vowed to be more positive in 2018 or to improve your relationships with the people in your life, this is the podcast for you. The queen of daytime television shares her intimate conversations with thought-leaders, best-selling authors and spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness advice to help you get your mind back on track.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show. For anyone looking to start investing their money, start saving to purchase a house or to get out of debt, this podcast is a must. Dave Ramsey and fellow financial experts will show you how to set your own attainable financial goals and meet them in a timely way.
  • Found My Fitness. Are you looking to find your own fitness? Whether you want to start eating healthier or work out more, this podcast will teach you all about health topics like aging, brain health, physical performance, well-being, and nutrition.
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