Preventing and Recovering From Summer Slump

August 18, 2017

Have you heard of the term "summer slump"? This refers to the backward slide many children go through every summer, forgetting some of what they learned the previous school year. In order to combat summer slump, many psychologists suggest creating summer reading lists and brushing up on other subjects during the summer break. Here are some ways to prevent and recover from your child's summer slump.

  • Encourage kids to read. By creating a summer reading list for your child, you can help tp combat summer slump or get them to recover from their three-month brain vacation. Studies show that even reading just six books throughout the summer is enough to get them on track.
  • Incorporate reading into your child's life. Aside from sitting down for a designated reading time, you can also incorporate reading into your child's everyday tasks. For example, show them a simple story in the newspaper over breakfast, ask them to read a sign on the highway or even have them help you read a recipe while making dinner.
  • Brush up on math skills. Likewise, you can also help your children to hone their math skills by using math in everyday situations. For example, ask them to measure out ingredients in a recipe or quiz them on how much change you'll get back from a purchase at the store.

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